Use These Tips From B Side Construction To Plan Budget-Friendly Commercial Renovation

B Side ConstructionThere are two ways to look at a store remodeling. The first is that it’s a foolish waste of resources that could otherwise be used to pad the company coffers. Here’s the thing about this approach: You’re not only turning away potential customers due to an outdated look and sub-par amenities but you’re possibly losing customers who can clearly tell that you’re not investing income back into your the revenue source that is your business. The other way to look at a commercial renovation is this: You’re keeping with the times and ensuring that your store will be a part of the community for years to come. The route you choose typically comes down to resources so when you’re ready to take the plunge and commit to a storefront renovation, B Side Construction is here to help. In this article from the California-based commercial construction company, we’ll explore considerations for businesses to make when allocating resources for the renovation and finding the right contracting crew, such as B Side Construction, to get the job done.

According to, it’s possible to knock out simple updates and cleaning for less than $1,000. However, overhauls that your customers will appreciate will hit the $10,000 neighborhood.  “The biggest bang you can get for your design buck is in the equipment you choose to display your merchandise,” a Washington-state based project manager and designer told the website. However, color is a consideration here. A white-colored refrigerator case is known for negatively affecting how your customers see your products; darker-colored cases are thus suggested. Still within the $10,000 neighborhood, a re-flooring effort is suggested. According to the experts at B Side Construction, this commercial renovation effort is one that works wonders for updated appearances because flooring takes a beating over the years. Per the article, “highlighting a high-traffic area” is a way to even lure customers over to additional areas of your business. When entering the $25,000 arena, the sky isn’t quite the limit but rows of freezers or large LED displays are now possibilities.

B Side Construction has made a name for itself in Bay Area construction efforts throughout California. Previous clients include restaurants, apartment complexes and municipal offices among others. While these types of industries have vastly different needs – and budgets – when it comes to re-working their brick-and-mortar footprints, the skilled all-encompassing contractors at B Side will meet client expectations all along the way so the idea that was on the drawing board finally comes to fruition in the real world.

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