Anton Kalafati, B Side Construction Keeping Tabs On $10M Overhaul To Lauded Restaurant

Anton Kalafati B Side ConstructionEven “”the best restaurant in the world” needs to update appearances now and again. That accolade, laid upon the French Laundry in California’s Napa Valley region by premier chef Anthony Bourdain, goes to show what proactive owners can and should do. The fact that this fixed-price restaurant where you’ll pay more than $300 per person for dinner had to overhaul the interior is of great interest to Anton Kalafati and B Side Construction, as this California-based contracting company is frequently hired for restaurant renovations.

According to a Feb. 26, 2018 article from the financial news website Business Insider, the $10 million overhaul took four years and targeted the wine cellar at first and grew from there. The article states that the completed project is now home to 2,210-square-foot office, wine cellar that can hold more than 16,000 bottles, 9,000 square feet of landscaped grounds, a sprawling kitchen with room to work, courtyard seating and much more. According to the French Laundry’s website, the menu here changes daily and “the restaurant commits itself to creating classic French cuisine with the finest quality ingredients, along with a similarly intense focus on impeccable guest service.” It can now add a near total overhaul to its list of accolades, awards and accomplishments logged since being purchased by the current owner and operator in 1994.

Since Anton Kalafati’s B Side Construction is based in California’s Bay Area, it’s only natural that he keeps tabs on the restaurant renovation industry. Within Mr. Kalafati’s portfolio are the extensive accomplishments at work sites that included SP2 Communal Bar + Restaurant in San Jose and Sens Restaurant in San Francisco. Photos from both worksite show beautiful craftsmanship both inside and out where new seating and dining areas are complemented by architectural accents that add to the ambiance. While owners and operators of restaurants always have the final say on what the finished product will look like, Anton Kalafati and B Side Construction can offer input learned from previous projects.

When you’re operating in a top-shelf restaurant in California, be it in Napa Valley, San Jose or San Francisco, customers are going to expect an experience they’ll remember for years to come. Moreover, a pleasurable dining experience at a modern eatery is a sure-fire way to obtain both positive reviews and gain business through word-of-mouth. By hiring Anton Kalafati and B Side Construction to complete such projects for you, you’re brining aboard a team of contractors with decades of combined on-the-job experience.

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